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"It doesn't make sense to hire good people and tell them what to do; we hire good people so they can tell us what to do".

- Steve Jobs

If you’re looking for technical resources to seamlessly deliver your next project on a short-term basis, then look no further.  



With Evolve Contracted’s global network of experienced and qualified contractors, we’re the preferred providers of engineering support services for manufacturers across North America (United States, Canada, Mexico) – everything from automotive to aerospace, oil & gas to heavy machinery.

What we offer


Your projects completed –
on schedule and on budget 

Evolve Contracted provides contracted technical resources to ensure your project is carried out to the required specifications, and is delivered on schedule and on budget.

The best of the best 

Our contracted technical resources come with: 

  • Thousands of hours of field experience as contractors for industry-leading companies, 

  • Verified degrees and certifications within their area of specialty, 

  • The deep understanding of the expectations of contractors.

What you get 

Skillset Matching

With a highly diverse talent base, Evolve Contracted identifies and hires the best available contract engineers, technicians or other skilled trades to meet project and skill set demands. 

Competitive Pricing Solutions

We assure that contract hourly rates and overall fees fall within your assigned budget.

Project Execution

Handling of all contract work and ensuring projects are executed accordingly; prioritizing scheduled deadlines.

Supervisory Services

Assigning supervisors to projects to monitor performance and ensure standards are met.

Top Quality-Experienced Professionals

Our contractors bring years of direct production line experience on robotics and other automation systems. We understand floor-level time, cost, process and deadline demands. 

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