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"With every new client, market and venture, we've taken pride in our unparalleled ability to succeed, despite having the odds stacked against us."


Letter from Tom Greenwood

Dear Reader, 


Evolve has always been a remarkable business advisory firm. With every new client, market, and venture, we’ve taken pride in our unparalleled ability to succeed, despite having the odds stacked against us. COVID-19 is no different. Our team believes in grit, unconventionality, and tenacity; it’s how we’ve been able to help all our clients and partners CHANGE, TRANSFORM, and GROW their companies. 


In fact, we believe in our methods so much that we don’t earn our fees until they see actual, concrete results in their business, be it in terms of revenue, customer acquisition, or expansion.  


These are unprecedented times. We know a lot of businesses are taking a hit in terms of revenue and layoffs, but there’s a way out. We see the silver lining. It will be a borderless, digital economy when we come out of this pandemic, and there are tons of opportunities to pivot your brand and align your business to the “new normal.”  


We care about our community, the economy, and its success. We want to help. You’re probably stressed without your usual team, but you’re not stuck. If your company needs immediate, short-term technical skills, we can match you with amazing contractors—it’s a win-win. Or maybe you need an entire team backing you up, but you can’t afford it right now. Our team can guide you to success.  


Stabilize your business and continue to expand into new markets with the help of Evolve Business Advisory, without the stress of an immediate payment. Whatever your needs are, we’ll work it out. Reach out to learn how we can help your company succeed. 







Tom Greenwood 

President & CEO, Evolve Business Advisory 

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