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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Partnership with a Business Advisory Firm

Updated: May 22, 2020

Building your business and managing the daily operations is enough to take up all your time. Taking on the additional task of being your own business consultant is a mistake that many CEO’s make early in their career. The same ideas that contribute to a company’s initial success does not propel it forward during growth stages. As a CEO, your focus should be on your business; let an expert help you get to the next level. Expanding your business through strategic marketing and networking requires extensive investment in terms of time, financial and human resources. This is one of the many areas where partnering with the right business advisory will prove immensely beneficial to your organization. 

Here are some of the ways in which your local business consultancy can help you:

1. Market & Consumer Research

Due diligence in terms of research, surveys, understanding the consumer and market conditions is an immense undertaking. When your resources are already involved in every day successful running of operations, employing the same resources to conduct market and consumer research will stretch your resources beyond optimal efficiency. The ideal

business advisory partner would include this as part of their process in order to ensure your end goals are met.

2. Social Media, Content & Communications

Hiring a social media person or company alone could cost thousands of dollars per month. Add written content, graphics, videos and all other relevant content required for marketing and you are looking at extravagant expenses on a monthly basis. As a small or medium sized business focused on market expansion and growth, it is essential to maintain the expenses at an optimum. At Evolve Business Advisory, we provide a complete package with our in-house marketing & communications team providing the necessary content assistance to assure your brand looks its best. 

3. Executive Mentoring

A business coach charges anywhere in the range of $500 to $1000 per day while partnering with a business advisory firm could include mentoring as part of the growth plan mandate. In every organization, there are some processes in place from the beginning and there may be newer operations that have started without proper processes and protocols in place due to circumstances. The old processes may need to evolve with changing business needs and in many cases, the entire operation needs a new pair of eyes to look at it with a fresh and unbiased view to gauge efficiency. A business advisor is essentially a partner who works as an extension of your core team to ensure that your organization is running efficiently with clear growth plans and a clear path to achieve them.

4. Office Space and Admin Assistance

In an age where more businesses see the value in virtual offices, it only makes sense for your business advisory partner to provide a reasonable package with the necessary services. Instead of paying for a virtual office and having to manage multiple business service partners, it is beneficial to work with a business advisory firm that provides all the services under one roof and in one agreement. This reduces the management time and increases accountability.

At Evolve Business Advisory, we provide a comprehensive package with all necessary marketing, communications, mentoring and other required business services. What’s more, we provide this with a money back guarantee and no retainer fee! Contact us today to book your FREE consultation.

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