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So what Exactly Does a Business Advisor Do?

Updated: May 22, 2020

‘An advisor is defined as someone who provides expert advice as a service.’

Small & Medium Sized Enterprise (SMEs)

So you have built your business from the ground up and now instead of a steady growth, you seem to spend most of your time firefighting. Know you’re not alone. There are many companies out there that run into dysfunctional operations at some point of time. While this is not endemic to any industry or size of business, small and medium enterprises are under a lot more pressure when this happens.

This is when you need the business advisors to step in. 

Business Advisor

A Business Advisor is the friend who steps in during your time of need and walks you through the entire process of improvement, change, transformation and growth. As a small or medium sized enterprise, known more commonly as an SME, your resources are already put to maximum use, if not stretched beyond. Extending the reach of your resources further to figure out problems and solve challenges will only add fuel to the fire. A professional business advisor makes it their business to help your business succeed.

What a Business Advisor Does

Among the many things that a professional advisor would do, ensuring organizational effectiveness and building business growth strategies are two very important activities:

Organizational structure improves effectiveness by providing clarity and a strong infrastructure. Many small businesses lack an efficient structure, especially because in SMEs the team members are expected to wear many hats and to get tasks completed on time. There is also a generous leeway for making decisions. 

While this helps in the short term, lack of a clearly understood structure can cause operational challenges as the business takes root and grows larger. These challenges are far more difficult to deal with from within the organization as interpersonal relationships can complicate matters further. A professional Business Advisor is an external and unbiased party who can view the challenges objectively and provide optimum solutions without ruffling any feathers.

Even amid challenges, rather, especially amid challenges, a business needs to continue to grow - both in volume and in profit. Whether it is in size or revenue, third party objectivity is key to assessing the situation. Taking stock of current practices and activities, building a trajectory and reworking in order to overcome the challenges involved. 

Business owners are heavily invested emotionally, physically and financially and it may be difficult to have an objective view of every challenge the business faces. This is where an expert business advisor can prove an effective and efficient resource to bank on. They have a wide range of experience in solving business related problems with minimal risk. 

Evolve Business Advisory

While many business consultants work on a high-level providing a clear assessment of the current situation and possible best solutions, at Evolve Business Advisory, we take it even further by walking with our clients all the way through execution and beyond, where the entire process is dissected and documented for future. What’s more - at Evolve, we are compensated based on performance, so we get paid when we deliver the results. When you think Business Advisor, think best friend in your time of need- for a friend in need is a friend indeed!

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